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Reverse Engineering and Formulation

Utilizing the latest chemical analysis equipment Jell can take a sample of a product to reverse-engineer a formulation and duplicate or improve upon the products. Reverse engineering of a product can be as challenging as designing a new product.

There are complex product formulations which can not be duplicated exactly because they often contain dozens of components at varying structural and concentration levels. Jell will take these formulations of interest and develop a plan for evaluating performance characteristics.  We work with the client to evaluate each ingredient and their concentration levels and how they interact to develop the best plan for formulating the highest possible performance








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from each product.  The goal is to always have the reverse-engineered product work as well or better than the original sample.

Best of all, the performance of products formulated by Jell are always 100% GUARANTEED.  Your complete satisfaction is our only goal, and should we not meet your expectations our services will be at absolutely no cost to you.

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